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Prenatal Appointment – Early Pregnancy Chicago

Published on February 19, 2016
Prenatal Appointment Chicago

Your first prenatal appointment will include a great deal of information to help educate you about pregnancy care. The better you understand your body’s needs and the needs of your baby during this time, the easier the pregnancy will be.

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Hormonal Implant – Chicago Birth Control Methods

Published on February 15, 2016
Hormonal Implant Chicago

A hormonal implant is a convenient and long-lasting method of birth control. What should patients expect when coming in for insertion of a hormonal implant? First, the patient will provide the details of their medical history. Following this, a physical

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Facials – Rejuvenating Skin Treatments Chicago

Published on February 12, 2016
Facials Chicago

At Progressive Care for Women, we’re proud to offer our patients a wide variety of rejuvenating facials. You’ll see the stress of your week melt away with the help of one of these relaxing treatments. We provide facials such as

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