Your First Trimester – What to Expect Chicago

First-trimester care is an essential part of pregnancy. During this time, you will be learning a lot, and your body will be undergoing numerous changes, including an increased risk for heartburn.

Why heartburn? During pregnancy, there is an increase in progesterone hormone production. This hormone causes relaxation of a muscle in the lower esophagus. When this muscle is relaxed, food and acids are free to rise up and create heartburn.

Happily, it is possible to make changes that help you steer clear of this problem. You can use pillows to stay elevated while you’re sleeping, eat smaller meals instead of larger ones, stay upright for a time after eating, and don’t eat foods that are especially acidic, spicy, or greasy.

For more information, contact our office and schedule a first-trimester care appointment! The attentive staff at Progressive Care for Women will be happy to help.

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