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Knowledge is power, and having insight into your genetic predisposition for cancer can help you get the care you need to thrive. At Progressive Care for Women in downtown Chicago, women have access to genetic screening, which includes cancer screening, an approach that helps you learn more about your body and your likely risk of developing medical problems. To learn more about the process and next steps, book a consultation online or by phone.

Genetic Testing Q & A

What is genetic cancer screening?

Genetic cancer screening, also called genetic counseling, is a preventive health tool that determines whether you have certain genetic mutations known to lead to cancer. There are tests that look for specific types of cancer. The results can help you shape your health care decisions in a way that aligns with your unique genetic profile.

The screening is done through a simple blood test. There’s no need for invasive screening procedures, and your results are available within a short period of time.

Why consider genetic screening?

Genetic screening is a great option for many women. The results let you know your level of risk for many medical issues, which can motivate you to take steps to prevent problems from developing.

Screening for cancer is a good fit if you:

  • Have a personal or family history of cancer
  • Are a member of a race or ethnic group known to carry a high risk of cancer
  • Have multiple family members with the same type of cancer
  • Want to know your risk level to take preventive action

Other types of genetic screening can help:

  • Confirm or rule out a diagnosis
  • Show your risk level for various diseases
  • Help you understand the risk of passing down a genetic disorder to your children
  • Help guide your medication program

If you’re pregnant, prenatal testing can show signs of genetic abnormalities in your baby. There are even genetic tests that can screen for potential problems in embryos.

Your compassionate specialist discusses these pros and cons with you as you decide whether to pursue genetic screening.

How can my genetic screening results improve my health?

If you have a genetic mutation known to cause cancer you’ll have the option of pursuing ways to prevent cancer from developing. For example, women with the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes carry an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Knowing this information gives you the information you need to manage your cancer risk. That includes scheduling regular screenings and learning ways to improve your lifestyle and reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Some women even choose to have preventive surgery to further lower their risk. Prophylactic mastectomy is the surgical removal of all breast tissue and can decrease your risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 95%.

If your test reveals a high risk of other medical issues, you can take steps to prevent problems before they arise or schedule more frequent screenings to be sure treatment begins as soon as possible. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a consultation with Progressive Care for Women online or over the phone.